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Enjoy The Broiler’s Full Menu in the Comfort of Your Arlington Apartment

If your main food staple during the pandemic has been pizza and subs, you probably already have The Broiler on speed dial. This local favorite has all of your mouth watering Italian specialties for carry out dining, and they’ve never tasted more comforting and delicious. Choose from a 10” round of 14” square pie – the perfect size for personal dining, and also small enough so that you can order a few different ones to try a variety of toppings. The subs come in 6” or 12” sizes. Do yourself a favor and get the bigger one, especially if you order one of the cheesesteaks. You’re going to want every last bite of that crusty roll, juicy steak, and melty cheese. 

Other options include grilled chicken or meatball, along with variations that include mushrooms, peppers, and other flavorful veggies. There are even cold subs that make for the perfect addition to a well-stocked refrigerator at your apartment in Arlington, VA. The Broiler’s full menu is available, and easy to order with call-ahead service.