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Bayou Bakery: A Taste of the American South Near Your Arlington Apartment

Could you use a little warming up this fall? For your fill of authentic Southern favorites, head to Bayou Bakery on North Courthouse Road. There you’ll find buttermilk biscuits, classic muffuletta sandwiches, gooey cheesy mac, and heaping bowls of gumbo, along with Southern side dishes and provisions to go.

Stop in for breakfast or lunch, whether you love a sweet beignet and coffee first thing, or you look forward to a drippy roast beef po’ boy in the middle of the day. Before you head out, get a few pantry staples from the “grab and geaux” section so that you have plenty of pepper jelly, pimento cheese, and freshly made granola on hand at home for anytime cravings.

Bayou Bakery is as close as you’re going to get to having a Southern grandma in your kitchen. Visit the website to preview the menu and place an order from the comfort of your apartment in Columbia Heights DC!