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Shop for Holiday Gifts Near Your Arlington Apartment at Le Village Marche

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift this holiday season? You’ll find gifts, candles, home décor, stationery, and more at Le Village Marche, a charming boutique in Arlington. The store has a homey French country theme to it, so you’ll see quaint bookshelves full of picture frames, home fragrances, and flowers. Pick up a card from the wall of birthday and other special occasion cards or pick out a new piece of holiday décor to spark holiday cheer in your own home. Take home a new ornament, tartan plaid table runner, serving tray, or holiday candle. Scoop up some extra gift wrap if you’re running low.

Admire the country tables overflowing with flowers, crockery, vases, and home entertaining essentials like colorful cocktail napkins. There is no shortage of charming goods in this quaint little shop near your apartment in Arlington! If you’re still in search of a gift, you’ll definitely find a handbag, book, notepad, or chocolate set here to fit the bill. Look out for sidewalk sales on nice days! Be inspired by the colorful décor and leave with ideas and the treasures you find.

Even if you don’t buy a thing, the cheerful color-coordinated displays and charming themes will leave you feeling uplifted after a visit to Le Village Marche, just an 8-minute drive from Trove.