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Zofia’s Kitchen Serves Gourmet Pierogies Near Your Arlington Apartment

Tired of your usual takeout routine at your apartment in Arlington? Say hello to Zofia’s Kitchen, your one-stop-shop for all the pierogies your heart desires. Mid-pandemic, Chef Ed Hardy’s career was put to a halt with the close of Cookology Culinary School in Arlington. Looking for a creative outlet, he made an eclectic platter of creative pierogies for a socially distant summer barbecue. After a few bites, his friend hosting the barbecue decided the pierogies had to be shared with the world, and after a quick chat the two came up with the idea for Zofia’s Kitchen. 

The menu serves up pierogi flavors you’ve never seen before with both old world inspired favorites and chef-inspired creations on a rotating experimental menu. The standard menu is anything but standard though. You’ll find brisket pierogies, spinach and feta, pastrami and provolone, and more. They even have vegan options like mushroom herb and beet, lemon, ginger. The experimental menu is where things start to get really crazy (delicious!). Current selections range from everything bagel with scallion cream cheese to Maryland crab rangoon to Chicago dog.

Hurry before they change! Top it off with some sweet dessert pierogies for the ultimate indulgence.