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Foxstone Park & Bridge: Enjoy a Day Trip Away From Your Apartment in Arlington

Explore some of the exciting hidden history that Virginia has to offer, starting with the Foxstone Park & Bridge located in Vienna. Said to be a secret hiding place for a double agent who leaked information to the Soviet Union for many many years, this historic park is now a must-see for history buffs residing at Trove in Arlington.

The bridge where the double agent camped out can easily be seen when walking through the hiking paths. Photos are encouraged, as the bridge itself is still standing in good condition today.  This park is also a great place to sneak away for an afternoon and enjoy the peaceful outdoors. It doesn’t have much in terms of playgrounds for kids, but is great if you’re alone and just want to take a nature walk and soak in the historical setting. 

One important thing to note, however, is that parking is scarce. If you drive around a few streets down, you will have plenty of space to park your car and walk to the actual bridge and park location.