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Stellina Pizzeria Is Now Open Near Your Arlington Apartment

Ready to try a new, authentic Italian pizzeria that uses seasonal ingredients that combines the Italian coast flavors and street food into their unique, modern style. Well, you are in for a treat, as the Stellina Pizzeria has created a next-level experience near your Arlington apartment!

The focus is on serving robust Italian street food but in an urban, modern way. Not only have they created a mouthwatering menu that includes a nice selection of fried seafood, house-made pastas, amazing paninis, and Neo-Neapolitan pizzas with their signature crust – the dough is light and crispy, which allows the rich flavors to come through with each bite. It’s the best in the area.

Enjoy the aroma and flavors from their beautiful dining room, while sipping a delicious glass of Italian wine. Or enjoy the full menu at home with their delivery and curbside options. Whatever you choose, you should head inside to see their Pasta Vending Machine. Yes, you read that correctly. You can grab pasta kits, pizza, and tiramisu to go. Then cook them up fresh at home.