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Get Your Morning Sip-Me-Up at The Waterhouse Coffee and Juice Bar, Not Far From Your Arlington Apartment

When you’re in need of a morning pick-me-up, The Waterhouse Coffee and Juice Bar has you covered, regardless of your preferences. If you’re a java drinker, let a barista whip you up a latte, grab a cup of drip coffee, or try the cold cream cold brew on a sunny summer’s day. If you prefer to get your morning jolt from fresh foods, try the Energy Boost smoothie with a mix of greens, matcha, chia seeds, yogurt, and oat milk.

This Arlington cafe specializes in all-natural beverages, smoothies, and bites to keep its customers full and healthy. When it comes to the food, options range from subtly sweet ancient grain oatmeal with ground flaxseeds, dried fruits, mixed nuts, and banana to avocado toast topped with radish, grape tomatoes, and microgreens. You can also opt for a sandwich or salad if you leave your apartment in Arlington and swing by around lunchtime.