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Waterhouse Coffee and Juice Bar: A Must-Sip Spot Near Your Apartment in Arlington

Founded upon the central principle that “healthy eating habits can change your life,” Waterhouse Coffee and Juice Bar offers a menu chock-full of nutritious options that can revolutionize your morning meal. 

You may, for example, want to add more superfoods to your daily diet. Chia seeds, acai berries, and other ingredients build up the Waterhouse menu. Start your day with ancient grain oatmeal, an acai bowl, or the Power 4 quinoa salad and let the superfoods band together to get you through the day. 

Perhaps you’re looking to replace your overpriced, over sweetened morning coffee drink with something that’s a little better for your body and your wallet. As its name suggests, Waterhouse offers plenty of options for your morning coffee, from an oat milk latte to cold cream cold brew. 

Trying to move your mornings away from caffeine altogether? You’ll want to be sure you browse the Waterhouse Juice Bar menu. With an extra boost of nutrition (like flaxseed, hemp, matcha, or turmeric) added to your fresh juice or natural fruit smoothie, you’ll be more energized than ever before.