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Now Open Near Your Arlington Apartment: Assembly!

Now open near Trove in Arlington, Assembly is a coffeehouse-meets-restaurant that’s quickly gaining in popularity. You can visit for breakfast and grab yourself a coffee and pastry, or come for lunch or dinner and have a hearty meal.

As soon as you step inside, you’ll enjoy a large, roomy atmosphere decorated with elegant furniture, a grand bar, and two private dining rooms. And, while you relax indoors, you’ll get to enjoy a nice view outside their windows of Rosslyn Square. It makes for a great stop to get your caffeine fix with a latte or catch up with friends and socialize over yummy food. 

When it comes to their food and drinks, they have quite the selection to choose from. On their cafe menu, you’ll find matcha lattes, cappuccinos, blondies, chocolate chip muffins, and lemon poppy seed loaves. For lunch/dinner, they have food ranging from sandwiches and pasta to appetizers, salads, and desserts. If you’re unsure what to order from the cafe, get yourself a drip coffee and chocolate croissant. And for lunch/dinner, try their Chicken LemonGrass Dumplings for an appetizer, Grampa Bob sandwich for the main course, and finish with a milkshake for dessert.