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Akivva Grill Is a New Restaurant to Try Near Your Apartment in Arlington

Want to try some new flavors this week? Head to the newly opened Akivva Grill on South Glebe Road. Described by one patron as a Turkish version of Chipotle, this eatery offers Mediterranean fast-casual fare unlike any you’ve tried near your Arlington apartment before.

The specialty here are doner bowls, which include meat cooked vertically on a rotisserie, shaved off perfectly, and added to your choice of bowl, and you add all the toppings your heart desires. Meat options range from beef to chicken to lamb. They have a full spread for toppings with options like beet hummus, kalamata olives, chickpea salad, couscous salad, pickled cabbage, and much more. 

Beyond the bowls, Akivva is known for their Turkish pides, which are flatbreads filled with meat, onion, and cheese—kind of looks like pizza in a bread boat! As well as their lahmacun, which is indeed Turkish pizza. It’s a flat dough circle topped with spiced minced meat, sauteed vegetables, and baked.